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TTConnect Self Serve Kiosks: Government at Your Service

Government of Trinidad and Tobago Portalttconnect is one of Government’s umbrella initiatives for facilitating citizen access to public services in a way that is significantly more convenient than what has traditionally obtained. With the motto “Government at your service”, ttconnect is a statement of intent by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to put the citizen first! Through ttconnect, a citizen can choose from any five ways of interfacing with Government:

Using the Internet:

ttconnect Online is a one-stop, 24/7 shop for access to “all of Government” using the Internet. ttconnect Online provides a new way to interact and transact Government business.

Visiting a ‘common counter’:

Through partnerships with Ministries and Agencies, ttconnect Service Centres conveniently provide over-the-counter information and selected services to the public by using information and forms available online through ttconnect Online.

Using a self-serve automated kiosk:

ttconnect Self Serve Kiosks are a non-intrusive, user-friendly automated service option to access Government services at convenient locations during the normal day’s activities. Four kiosks are being piloted throughout Trinidad and Tobago, at Piarco International Airport, Point Fortin Borough Corporation, Point Fortin, Gulf City Mall, La Romain, and most recently at Gulf City Mall, Tobago.

Using a mobile phone:

ttconnect Mobile proposes to allow users access to Government services and information through the use of their mobile telephones and other mobile devices. At present, the service is in the development stage; but has been successfully tested during the 5th Summit of the Americas.

Contacting the Government hotline:

ttconnect Hotline is also in the developmental stage. It is intended to support calls from citizens requiring information on government services, and placing queries on the status of an application submitted via ttconnect Online, Service Centres, or Self Serve Kiosks.

This article was originally posted on the Trinidad & Tobago Government Online site,

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