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Technology provides Navy Personnel Command Center, Information with a Touch of a Finger… So Sailors make good Career decisions

Navy Personnel Command’s Center for Career Development (CCD) in Millington, Tenn., are installing career Information Touch Screen kiosks developed by a leading company in San Antonio, Texas – DynaTouch Corporation. Cmdr. David Alexander, CCD’s Technology Department Head is excited that “These Kiosks with a Touch of a Finger will empower and assist Sailors and their families in making informed career decisions in the Navy Exchanges throughout the continental U.S.”

DynaTouch Corporation CEO, Jim Karlak mentions “The first kiosk was placed at Norfolk Navy Exchange in December 2000, while the second will be installed at NAS Pensacola’s Navy Exchange in late January.” Paul Stahl, Sales Manager for DynaTouch is happy to announce, “That additional kiosks will be installed at Jacksonville, Florida, San Diego, and Whidbey Island Commands in February.”

“The kiosks will provide Sailors and their families information on the value of their compensation, as well as information on other Quality of Life Benefits; such as TRICARE, Local Housing Facilities, MWR, Local Navy College, Educational opportunities, Local Community Information, Local Family Services, essential points of contact all accessed via a portal Navy Exchange Web Site.” Explained Cmdr. David Alexander.’

David Reimer, DynaTouch Business Development Manager explains that the customized Kiosks will incorporate a compensation calculator for comparison of a Sailor’s pay and Civilian sector, explanations of pays and benefits, retirement calculations and comparison between REDUX vs. High-3 retirement options.

“Through our partnership with NEXCOM, Sailors, their spouses and family members will have access to information via the Internet that has not been previously readily available,” added CCD Director, Capt Jake Ross. Ross said the information provided by the Kiosks will be gradually tailored, and remotely maintained through feedback from the fleet and their families, with future plans to tie to the Stay Navy Web site (currently under development). Additionally, it will allow the user to access information over the Internet through designated military links.

“We are proud to support the fleet and its commitment to the professional and personal needs of Sailors and their families”, said Capt Ross.

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