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TIPS2000 Information Kiosks Installed at Aviano AB, Italy

Passenger Terminal at Aviano AB, Italy will continue to set the standard for customer service.


They recently purchased a new TIPS2000 touchscreen information kiosk, which was installed on August 21, 2001 by DynaTouch Corporation, the San Antonio-based company that has been supplying touchscreen kiosks to DoD for over 10 years.  With over 500 units in operation at military installations worldwide, the DynaTouch kiosks have a proven track record as being an extremely effective utilization of technology to enhance customer service and reduce administrative burden.  The predominant use of the kiosks has been to act as a point of information for newcomers and transient personnel.  Aviano AB owned and operated one of the original DOS-based units for years, but decided to upgrade to the TIPS2000 model after seeing it demonstrated at the Mountain View Lodge.


“TIPS2000 is leaps and bounds ahead of the older product!” says TSgt Marco Boasso, Passenger Services.  “Our customers can now access the Internet, get their questions about Space-A travel answered, print detailed maps with directions, hours and phone numbers for hundreds of on-base support facilities and services, and obtain other helpful information about the local community – all via the kiosk!”


Controlled access to the Internet seems to be the most popular new feature.  The Passenger Terminal has complete control over which sites their customers can access via the kiosk and which sites are off-limits.  “It’s great!” says TSgt Boasso.   The Terminal also controls which Internet sites their customers can print from and which sites they are only allowed to view.


One important point is that the TIPS2000 kiosk not only provides information, but collects it as well.  Usage statistics are being recorded with every touch and can also be retrieved via the Internet.


With so much information on the system, one problem the Passenger Terminal had with their old TIPS kiosk was keeping the data current.  They either didn’t have the time or they didn’t have the staff to update it.  One of the most welcomed changes with TIPS2000 is that DynaTouch can update the kiosk via the Internet for them, whenever they need help.  The Internet, without a doubt, continues to change the way we all do business.


Needless to say, Aviano AB Passenger Terminal and their customers are extremely happy with their new TIPS2000 kiosk and with the services they continue to receive from DynaTouch.

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