Over 100 HR Kiosks Installed at Lippert Components Facilities Worldwide

Over 100 HR Kiosks Installed at Lippert Components Facilities Worldwide

With over 8,000 employees, providing easy access to HR resources can be a monumental, time-consuming task. This was the problem faced by Lippert Components — an RV accessories manufacturer with 52 facilities in the US, Canada, and Italy. Originally, Lippert was managing a fleet of in-house work stations providing employee access to their HR web portal and employee training videos. This was becoming increasingly strenuous for internal resources. They came to DynaTouch looking for a proven, scalable solution allowing employees secure access to HR resources that is manageable and supportable.

Lippert placed an order for 100 countertop all-in-one TIPS HR ESS Express™ kiosks to deploy at their facilities. The units feature a 23″ Full HD display with a touch screen allowing seamless navigation through the HR web portal.

Once these employee self-service systems were deployed, Lippert recognized the opportunity to use DynaTouch’s TIPS JobSeeker™ kiosk solution to enhance their community outreach and job recruiting efforts. Lippert acquired 5 floor standing kiosks for deployment in local retail malls to recruit employee prospects. In addition to eliminating paper-based application processing, the JobSeeker™ Recruiting Kiosks allow job seekers to view company information, search for jobs and apply through the TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software interface.

Bradley Sink, HRIS Manager at Lippert Components, said “I cannot recommend DynaTouch more. The Sales team at DynaTouch has accommodated us on more than one occasion, and has bent over backwards to get us what we needed. I’m sure if you have a need for kiosk technology, DynaTouch will be able to get you a solution!”

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