QueueKiosk™ helps Air Force protect health and safety while maintaining continuity of operations Luke AFB

QueueKiosk™ helps Air Force protect health and safety while maintaining continuity of operations

With the spread of COVID-19, our society has experienced many unforeseen difficulties. In the face of these challenges, our efforts to help prevent further spread of this virus are more important now than ever. At the Luke Air Force Base Visitor Reception Center, officers in charge are taking impressive steps to help mitigate the threat of COVID-19 exposure while still providing essential services and maintaining military readiness.

Applying social distancing practices to long-established procedures is not an easy feat. With a steady flow of incoming visitors at Luke AFB, developing a course of action was vital; Visitor Reception Center managers had to figure out a way to implement social distancing in what could often be a very busy waiting room. In order to keep both their visitors and their personnel safe while remaining open to all eligible beneficiaries, the 56th Security Forces Squadron needed to find a way to minimize crowding in its Visitor Reception Center lobby without interrupting the check-in process.

In response to challenges like these, DynaTouch developed a plan in March to help its customers, like Luke AFB, take actions to leverage their existing QueueKiosk™ systems to promote social distancing and help prevent further spread of coronavirus. QueueKiosk is a customer flow management software that already helps offices limit contact between staff and visitors by eliminating the paper sign-in process. But by using its custom question functionality, the software solution can also be configured to assist specifically with COVID-19 social distancing.

Focused on providing critical services and maintaining military readiness, Luke AFB has now adopted their new COVID-19 social distancing configuration. The check-in process still works similar to their original QueueKiosk configuration, but with a few adjustments that make an important impact. Now, when Luke AFB visitors sign-in at the Visitor Reception Center kiosk, they are asked customized COVID-19 screening questions pertaining to their recent travel locations, their symptoms, potential contact with confirmed cases, etc. In addition, the standard visitor questions concerning their status, nature of visitation, and type of service needed are all still included on the kiosk. Once the visitor has completed signing in, the kiosk will instruct the visitor to wait safely in their car for a text with further instructions. Technicians can then review each visitor’s responses from their workstation via the QueueKiosk Dashboard and send a customized text to each visitor without ever coming in contact. The text will either instruct the visitor to come in when it’s their turn and the staff is ready to see them, or it will deny their entry and provide them with further direction. There are no more crowds in the office waiting to be seen, and only visitors passing the screening questions are granted access beyond the QueueKiosk entry point.

In these challenging times, Luke AFB has done an excellent job at maintaining a ready Air Force committed to the mitigation of the spread of COVID-19. “We are proud to assist our customers in these trying times,” said Paul Stahl, Director of Sales & Marketing at DynaTouch. “Deploying QueueKiosk along with our mobile technology features help them to continue serving their customers in a safe and responsible way, while also being responsive to the military’s Health Protection Conditions (HPCONs).”


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