New Kiosk System Makes MPF More Efficient

New Queue Management System a Success at Scott AFB MPF

At Scott Air Force Base, paper sign-in sheets are now a thing of the past. What was previously an administrative challenge for MPF, Finance, and the Transportation Management Office (TMO) is now being handled automatically. Recently installed by DynaTouch, a new kiosk — or “fancy touch screen computer”— is not just there for looks. The QueueKiosk™ self-service customer sign-in solution provides Airmen, family members and other patrons at Scott AFB an enhanced customer experience that shortens wait times and greatly improves operational efficiency by freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks.

The system streamlines the customer sign-in process: customers can sign in online before they arrive, spending less of their valuable time in the waiting room. According to Airman 1st Class Amika Weston, “The new system helps people get in, get out and get back to performing the mission.”

The custom-tailored kiosk also improves staff productivity. Among the many features, it provides notifications when new customers check in, the ability to text customers when it’s their turn to be served, and built-in reporting tools for comprehensive analysis. The QueueKiosk™ system is used to optimize the service process, saving Scott AFB significant man hours. According to 2nd Lt. Khalina Rivera, 375th Force Support Squadron MPF Chief, “With the new system, we are capable of capturing not only the number of customers that come in on a daily basis, but the times they are coming in to better understand when our rushes hit and what services are most used.”

“Our job is to provide premiere support programs and assistance to enable Airmen to better carry out their everyday missions,” Rivera explained. “With a new program like this self-service sign-in system, it allows us to cut waiting time in the physical waiting room – saving Airmen time so they can focus on completing the mission. Save time and sign in online!”

This project was featured in an article, published on the Scott Air Force Base website July 26, 2019. Read the article here.

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