Celebrating 1,000,000 Check-ins on QueueKiosk… and Counting!

On October 3rd, DynaTouch guided its 1,000,000th customer through the check-in process with its queue management software, QueueKiosk™. That means over one million customers have now experienced shorter wait times and an improved registration experience all around.

Since the first QueueKiosk was deployed in 2017, QueueKiosk™ has enhanced customer flow management for businesses and their customers worldwide. The millionth check-in was completed at Lakenheath Military Personnel Flight in the United Kingdom.

For over thirty years, DynaTouch has been successfully evolving with the kiosk industry, tracking down common problems in the marketplace, and implementing the necessary solutions for each of its individual customers.

“QueueKiosk may become the most successful self-service solution we have ever developed,” stated Terri McClelland, one of DynaTouch’s founders. “Our customers love it because it saves them so much time and money. Their customers love it because it saves them so much time and frustration. Both the user-interface and the administrative modules are extremely user-friendly, with mounds of built-in flexibility. And the best part is that it will keep getting better and better, because we’re continually getting feedback, suggestions and requests for enhancements — and we’re listening!”

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