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Social Security Administration (SSA) Upgrades Nearly 5000 Devices with TIPS Kiosk Management Software

Except for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), no other Federal agency touches so many people or has so direct and profound an impact on their daily lives as the SSA.

The Social Security Administration currently delivers a broad range of services online at, and through a nationwide network of field offices, hearing offices, and Disability Determination Services sites. In 2009, the SSA introduced Self-Help Personal Computers (SHPC) into a handful of field offices to provide a platform to make the Agency’s online services available to citizens without internet access.

Social Security Administration Kiosk - TIPS Server Client Login ScreenOriginally, the SSA regional office in Dallas, TX was responsible for the support and management of SHPCs across all regions. It soon became clear they did not have the necessary staff and resources to maintain this dynamic. In 2014, they reached out for a secure, scalable solution that would simplify their process and DynaTouch was able to provide exactly what they needed.

TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software is now the platform for all the SHPCs (Self-Help PCs) and all the VIPr (Visitor Intake Process) queuing kiosks in operation at 1200 SSA Field Offices. There are currently 2-4 SHPCs and 1-2 VIPr kiosks in most offices – amounting to nearly 5000 devices that are controlled and managed with TIPS software from a central location in Maryland.
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The VIPr kiosks are used for check-in and customer flow management, while the SHPCs provide walk-in customers with secure, point-of-service access to SSA’s online services for:

  • Requesting a replacement card (Social Security and/or Medicare)
  • Creating a My Social Security account
  • Appealing a decision
  • Getting a 1099/1042 tax form
  • Estimating retirement benefits
  • Applying for benefits (retirement, disability, Medicare)
  • Applying for extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs
  • Viewing/printing their Benefit Verification Letter

The kiosks provide these vital functions using TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software to lock down the browser, secure the system and track usage data. Additionally, TIPS™ software allows authorized kiosk administrators to remotely monitor kiosk performance, review reports, and completely manage the display content on any kiosk solution.

DynaTouch CEO Terri McClelland said, “The magnitude and complexity of the Social Security Administration project has been an amazingly rewarding challenge. DynaTouch TIPS™ is masterfully handling almost 5000 devices across the United States. We are gratified to help play a part in so many American’s daily lives with this ambitious kiosk application.”

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