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LES Goes Paperless

Story and photo by Sandra Henry
919th SOW Public Affairs

Master Sgt. Michelin Smith uses the Air Force OneStop Kiosk

Master Sgt. Michelin Smith, 919th Operations Support Squadron, tries out the myPay function on an Air Force ONESTOP kiosk Feb. 7. The kiosk, located in the wing customer service office, provides access to myPay and the Virtual Military Personnel Flight. Sergeant Smith, who provides personnel support to squadron members, wanted to ensure the kiosk was user-friendly. “It is friendly,” she said. “It offers the same things we can access from the Internet, just the Internet away from home or our desks.”

Jan. 1 was the deadline for Air Force reservists to start using myPay, the Internet method for managing pay.

Since the Feb. 1 leave and earning statement was the last paper copy mailed to reservists, those who did not sign up for myPay may find it difficult to know how much they are getting paid.

Wing civilian employees also will be required to use myPay once local union requirements are met.

Tammy Robinson, a civilian and military pay technician at the wing, started using myPay several months ago. “myPay is great,” she said. “I can check my LES information two days before the actual payday. If there are any problems, I can resolve them quicker.”

Through myPay, people can take care of a lot of business on their own, she said. They can change their correspondence address and direct deposit information, manage state and federal tax information, print W-2s, and military members can make changes to their Thrift Savings Accounts.

“It saves me a lot of time,” she said. “It’s also a time saver for the people who took care of these things for me in the past.”

To use their myPay account, reservists were supposed to activate their personal identification number by Dec. 31.

If reservists don’t have a PIN or need a new one, they can obtain one by going to the myPay Website at and selecting the “new pin” button on the homepage, said Rhonda Elliott, 919th Special Operations Wing military pay technician. It may take 10 business days from the date of the request for mail delivery of the new PIN.

In addition, reservists can get a new PIN by fax or mail. They need to sign their request and give their full name, social security number, a copy of their military photo ID and a daytime telephone number.

The fax number is (216) 522-5800 or DSN 580-5800. The mailing address is: DFAS-Cleveland/Code PMMCCA, Attn: myPay, 1240 East 9th Street, Cleveland OH 44199-2055.

The new temporary PIN will contain the last five digits of the person’s social security account number.

People should wait at least two business days before using their PIN if they got it by fax and four days if by mail. They will not receive confirmation that their PIN has changed.

(From AFRC News Service)

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