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Navy OneStop: Internet, Personnel Files on the Fly

Personnel Support Atlantic has provided the National Navel Medical Center (NNMC) with a customized World Wide Web Information tool, Navy OneStop, bringing the Navy personnel member “in touch” with Navy fleet, command, and local information.


The Navy OneStop is a kiosk-based system designed with the help of DynaTouch Corporation in San Antonio, Texas and is provided by Personnel Support Activity Atlantic.


NNMC personnel can now visit the Navy OneStop located across the entrance to the Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) office in Bldg. 8 on the second floor across from room 2213. The Navy OneStop went online January 6, and brings Navy and command information to members of the Navy civilian service workforce and service members including reservists, active duty and retirees.


The purpose of the Navy OneStop is to provide personnel with a means to access information available on the World Wide Web using a friendly menu system.


According to PSD’s Christopher Pullom, Information Technology (IT) specialist, the Navy OneStop kiosk is NNMC-tailored and delivers PSD services and command information.


“It’s a great information tool at this command,” said Pullon. “It’s easy to use and available at anytime.”


The Navy OneStop remains powered and ready to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a goal to increase productivity for its target audience through deceased number of trips to PSD, according to Pullon.


It is designed to give users access to information such as copies of Leave and Earnings Statements, W-2 forms, Navy personnel issues and local information such as clubs and dining, gyms, and ongoing Morale, Welfare, and Recreation activities. In addition, local government information such as childcare services, schools and housing information is accessible as well.


Navy and NNMC personnel encountering the kiosk are able to access pay and personnel information on the Web using a wireless cellular connection. The kiosk has a build-in printer and can print documents such as pay records and blank PSD forms, providing similar services available at PDF across the hall, according to Pullom.


According to Pullom, DynaTouch Corporation, constantly monitors the links provided on the kiosk and if any of the links become “dead” or updated, the company makes the changes immediately.


Personnel Support Activities have placed 35 of these kiosks worldwide including one at the Admiral Gooding Center at the Navy Annex in Washington.


Its wireless cellular connection enables it to access current information retrieved from the Web.


The Navy OneStop kiosk is not to be confused with the One Stop Shop located in Bldg. 10. The Navy OneStop and the One Stop Shop carry similar names, but the differences are recognizable through services, said Aida Digman, IT branch manager.


“The One Stop Shop deals strictly with equipment such as computers, printers, pagers, telephones, and network and domain systems. We provide customer support for computer equipment, and other services for people checking in and out of this command. Those checking in at NNMC, its tenant commands of branch clinics much be issued a domain account. They will be seen again upon checking out to have their domain accounts deleted,” said Digman.


“NNMC personnel can come here to open a domain account giving you access to email and Outlook. Also, you can come here for support and technical questions,” Digman said. “We repair broken networks like improperly functioning email accounts. We also provide command pagers.”


Regular customer services offered by OneStop Shop staff require knowledge of technical matters. The Navy OneStop kiosk, however, requires nothing more than a customer’s name, Pullom said.


“It is available to anyone with the time to stop and use it and will remain at NNMC indefinitely while still a useful tool for our customers,” Pullom said.


The Navy OneStop is only one of 35 Navy OneStop kiosks worldwide in the Navy, according to Personnel Support Atlantic and chances are good it will be at your next command of major Navy installation.


The Navy OneStop offers its users more than answers; the tool gives its customers information that is already customized to take care of their command personnel and PSD needs.

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