Naval Hospital Jacksonville provides more than 10 years of self-service excellence

DynaTouch salutes Naval Hospital Jacksonville for more than 10 years of Self-Service excellence using TIPS Kiosks to collect customer feedback

In November 2006, DynaTouch installed 25 interactive patient kiosks at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville and at seven of their Branch Clinics throughout Florida. These kiosks provide point-of-service access to Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) comment cards for self-completion by patients.  TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software is at the core of each device, locking down the browser, securing the kiosk platform and tracking usage minute-by-minute.  Each kiosk is customized to provide individual evaluation forms specific to the healthcare service provided at that location, as well as access to evaluation forms for all other services provided by the hospital and clinics.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville Kiosk

In 2011, they purchased 25 new kiosks to replace their aging fleet of systems at the main hospital facility in Jacksonville and at all Branch Clinic locations. The new kiosks came with larger touch screen monitors, faster processors and updated graphics. Four of the systems were upgraded to larger enclosures with integrated printers and new hospital directory / wayfinding content. This allowed patients and visitors access to custom point-to-point maps and turn-by-turn directions to key locations within the facility.

Four years later, in 2015, Naval Hospital Jacksonville upgraded all the kiosks to connect them to the Internet via Wi-Fi versus the hospital network. They also contracted DynaTouch to handle all Windows updates and antivirus services.

DynaTouch Co-founder, Tom McClelland said, “We salute our friends at Naval Hospital Jacksonville for their commitment to our men and women in uniform and their healthcare.”

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