2 Millionth QueueKiosk Check-In Fort Leonard Wood

DynaTouch Achieves Another Milestone with QueueKiosk™

Fort Leonard WoodDynaTouch reached another major milestone with QueueKiosk™, having now served its 2 millionth customer with shorter wait times and an improved check-in experience. The queue management software from DynaTouch has been enhancing customer flow for businesses and their customers alike since 2017.

With over thirty years of experience in the kiosk industry, DynaTouch continues to display an unparalleled ability to evolve with marketplace needs—tracking down common problems and implementing the necessary solutions for each individual customer. With extremely user-friendly modules and built-in flexibility, QueueKiosk remains one of the company’s most successful self-service solutions.

The ID Card Office of Fort Leonard Wood was the location in which the 2 millionth check-in took place. This is one of the many offices around the world using QueueKiosk to increase the efficiency of their services while still protecting customers and staff by reducing hand-to-hand contact. As businesses provide suggestions and requests for enhancements, you can tell their ideas are being heard with the continual improvements made to this self-service solution by DynaTouch.

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