Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay

Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay: Interactive Mall Directory Enhances the Customer Experience

Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay

A view of the Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay

San Antonio, Texas. – October 23, 2017 – Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay (OCCB) has enhanced the customer experience at the highly popular mall in Robstown, TX.
Located only 20 minutes outside of Corpus Christi, Texas at the intersection of Interstate 69 and Highway 44, The Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay showcases a unique retail opportunity in a booming corner of Texas renowned for its breathtaking coastlines and cowboy culture from days gone by.

As part of the mall’s customer enhancement project, OCCB has added 6 interactive wayfinding, directory and advertising kiosks that help connect patrons to the tenants and the product lines that they offer in their stores.

The Digital Directory feature allows the end user to search for stores by their product offerings by categories, EXAMPLE: the user can search specifically by shoe stores and have all the tenants that sell shoes come up in the search.


Corpus Christi Outlet Wayfinding Kiosk

A kiosk with the directory map displayed

Rick Carduner, President of Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay, said “The kiosks benefit mall visitors, tenants and owners alike, as the user can search products by each stores’ category offerings and then get customized animated routes to these targeted stores. Working with DynaTouch and their TIPS™ Kiosk Software  was key to our projects success”.

DynaTouch CEO Terri McClelland said, “Since the install of the kiosks the program has been a resounding success. As of today’s date, more than 45,100 individual sessions have taken place on the kiosks, with an impressive 168,231 total page views. Bottom-line: the kiosks are getting used, and are making a difference.”

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