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Air National Guard Recruiting Kiosks Deployed – DynaTouch News

DynaTouch worked with the Air National Guard and advertising firm LM&O (Laughlin, Marinaccio & Owens, Inc.), in developing a recruiting kiosk program that deployed to active duty base locations and high-traffic commercial retail locations.

The goals of the program were to:Air National Guard Kiosk Air National Guard Kiosk Menu

  • Extend the Air National Guard’s in-service recruiting footprint to bases that have limited coverage.
  • Allow Airmen to schedule an appointment with an ISR.
  • Educate active duty Airmen about the benefits of transitioning to the Air National Guard.
  • Educate non-prior service target demographic (ages 17 -25) about the Air National Guard opportunities and benefits
  • Generate awareness and correct misinformation, misperceptions and other barriers to joining the Air National Guard.
  • Generate ae recruiting leads

DynaTouch managed the design, deployment and operations of 19 kiosks in US and Japan from June 2012 thru September 30, 2014. DynaTouch was responsible for program management, design, development, acquisition, integration, testing, delivery, installation, ownership, preventative and break/fix maintenance of Internet-ready kiosk solution with client-supplied content.  DynaTouch also assisted LM&O’s efforts to obtain sponsor location contracts and managing any necessary leases.

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